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Water Enhancement

May 11, 2016 7:33 PM | Anonymous

FYI on helping enhance the quality of lakes

Hey there,

My name is Jayare Charron, from Riverdale Water Management in Carman, Manitoba. We focus on the management of water, including natural and pro-active solutions for Algae reduction, muck (organic decay), water clarity and much more!

As it is the spring season, temperatures are on the rise, providing new life to your lawn, trees and the other beautiful vegetation that overlooks our lakeshores and riversides. However, this also accelerates the growth of algae in your bay, lakefront, or just off the dock where you fish and swim. The same can be said for that “dark, slimy, gooey mud” that your toes sink into upon wading out into the water. This is simply organic decay caused by the breakdown of leaves, branches, and other matter which has made its way into your water. We call this “muck”, and it creates the perfect breeding ground for underwater vegetation and, dare I say it, leeches.

So, how do you solve these problems? The answer actually lies within nature itself. It just needs to be harnessed.

Dissolved Oxygen is essential to life beneath the surface of your water body, just as oxygen is essential to you and I. By installing fine bubble aeration, you are essentially adding dissolved oxygen as well as mixing your water from top to bottom, increasing oxygen levels, as well as creating even temperature distribution throughout the water, and allowing naturally occurring aerobic bacteria to thrive. Aerobic bacteria work quickly to digest suspended organics, algae, as well as organic decay (muck), without leaving toxic residuals behind. Riverdale Water Management supplies Airmax products, known for their extremely sufficient “fine bubble” aeration, as well as having the most energy efficient compressors the market has to offer.

Love Fishing? Our fine-bubble aeration systems are great for fish health and enhancement!

Naturally Occurring Bacteria, as mentioned above, quickly digest algae, plant matter, organic decay and nutrients in the water, which are known to cause massive algal blooms, just like the ones occurring in Lake Winnipeg. Our products include “MuckAway” (a pelleted form of bacteria with the capability of eliminating 6-12 inches per season), “PondClear” (colonizing bacteria which work to remove suspended organics causing water clarity issues in closed bodies of water such as ponds), as well as “EcoBoost”, (a natural bacteria enhancer designed to remarkably speed reproductive rates of colonizing aerobic bacteria such as that found in MuckAway and PondClear).

We aim for proactive solutions using natural bacteria and enzymes to create a sustainable, clean and ecologically efficient system which will increase fish health, aquatic life, cosmetics and of course, the overall quality of your water front, bay, pond or other body of water.

We also provide fountains and landscape lighting, as well as many other natural bacteria-based products to suit many particular needs.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your lake, pond, dugout or any other body of water, please do not hesitate to call or email us. We would be happy to assist you.


Jayare Charron
Riverdale Water Management
(204) 751-0420
(204) 821-5706

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