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Conservation Contact Info 

The graphic with the 24 hr tip line # is setup for reporting poachers and wildfires. But people have used it in the past for other issues (bears).

For local issues relating to parks call the park patrol at (204) 679-2457  (speeding, ORV use, loud campsites/cottages, wildlife issues, boating issues, AIS).   This number is seasonal (May Long – Sept. Long)

Cabin Fire Safety 

Cabin Fire Safety.pdf

Evacuation Planning Kit:  Evacuation Plan - What to do and take.pdf

Aquatic Invasive Species 

June.4th, 2018 - New Bulletin

Invasive Species Bulletin.pdf

June 15th 2016

New regulations in place to protect local lakes.

Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) such as zebra mussels have been detected in a number of Manitoba lakes. Zebra mussels clog boat motor intakes and cause engine failure and clog household water system intakes. They also increase water clarity and disrupt the local food chain which leads to negative impacts on walleye and other sport fish. Zebra mussel shells litter beaches and shores and will cut anyone walking on the shore with bare feet. Everyone needs to do their part to make sure these and other harmful invaders do not reach Paint Lake.


Control Zones

To prevent the spread of these harmful species, control zones have been set up around affected water bodies in Manitoba. Locally there is a control zone placed around Lake Winnipeg, Cedar Lake and the Nelson River from Lake Winnipeg to Hudson Bay. It is now illegal to move a watercraft or other equipment from a control zone into another water body UNLESS it is decontaminated. Also, all bait must be disposed of in the trash before leaving the control zone.

Decontamination can be conducted on your own by following Schedule B or Schedule C of the Aquatic Invasive Species Regulation or by visiting a Watercraft Inspection Station.


For example, if you went fishing on Sipiwesk Lake and were returning to Paint Lake you are legally required to decontaminate your boat before returning to Paint Lake. You must also dispose of all bait at Sipiwesk Lake. Failure to do so puts Paint Lake at risk of being invaded by zebra mussels.

Transporting Your Boat

Areas outside of control zones also have restrictions. If you are removing any watercraft from ANY water body you must:


Remove all aquatic contaminants from your boat and trailer; including plants and mud from the water body.

Remove the drain plug and keep it out while transporting.

Drain all water from the boat including from all; live wells, bait wells, ballasts, bilges and cooling systems.

Dispose of any bait that was caught in that lake or came into contact with lake water.


If you are moving watercraft from one water body to another you must do the above and;


Dry your watercraft inside and out and any equipment onboard (no time specified, must be dry to the touch).



Clean                                                                            remove plants, mud, AIS

Drain                                                                            drain all water, keep drain plug out

Dry                                                                                dry completely (or decontaminate)

Dispose                                                                                      of any bait

Schedule B - Decontaminate Boat at Home.pdf

Schedule C - Decontaminate Equipment at Home.pdf


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