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May 30th 2017

AGM Minutes 2017.docx

PLCOA March 31, 2017 financial report.pdf

2017 PLVFD Highlights for PLCOA AGM.doc

June 24th 2016

         A big thank you for everyone that attended this year's AGM.  Even though there wasn't a great turn out there was a lot of good discussion during the meeting.  If you know of anyone interested in volunteering for the open positions please contact us at or contact Troy Steeves.  We can really use the help and would like to continue to provide good service for everyone in the community!   AGM meeting minutes included in the link below.  

        PLCOA AGM 2016.docx

May 30th 2016

        The AGM is held annually in the spring. Members should renew on or before the AGM. Members can now register or renew online.

       The 2016 AGM is scheduled for June 8th/16 at the community / fire hall at 7pm.  Hope to see everyone out to check out the new renovations to the community hall and the new fire hall building.  Included here is a link for the agenda:  AGM Agenda 2016.docx

Below are the Questions (and answers)  asked at the 2014 AGM during open discussion.

Q & A from PLCOA AGM (July 9th, 2014)


Dog owners are responsible for their dogs. If dogs are running loose, causing problems, and biting other dogs or people, call the district office and report it to a natural resource officer. (Linda Horner)

 Transfer Station

Q.    Is there a possibility of getting additional transfer bins, say one for scrap metal and one for construction material?

A.    No. The transfer station is only licensed to collect household garbage,  recyclables, and burnables. (Linda Horner)

Q.    Can the burn cells at Mid Lake be made accessible to residents; at least for a couple of weekends in the spring?

A.    No. Mid Lake will not be accessible to residents. (Linda Horner)

Cottage Roads

Q.    Is it possible to have calcium applied more frequently and have the roads graded and maintained more often?

A.    Yes. This would result in an appropriate increase in fees. (Linda Horner)

Q.    Calcium is currently applied with less than ideal equipment; is it possible to apply calcium differently?

A.    The park has limited equipment to operate with. This service could be contracted out; however, it would mean an increase in fees. Liquid calcium is another option, but it is also more expensive. The cottage association could purchase calcium; for example, the cottage owners association at Clearwater Lake purchases calcium that they sell to cottage owners to apply as needed. (Linda Horner)

Q.    It seems that the grading of the roads and the application of calcium was more poorly done this year than in previous years; in addition, the grader does not go into the bays.

A.    MB Conservation is open to a discussion with the PLCOA, rather than individual cottage owners, regarding the maintenance of the roads. (Linda Horner)

 Comment: Concern expressed regarding the state of the road and someone requiring emergency services (ambulance, fire, etc.).

Park Service Fees

Q.    Where can a breakdown of service fees charged to cottage owners be found?

A.    The information is available on the MB Conservation website, (Linda Horner)

Q.    Does MB Conservation allocate a portion of its budget to maintenance of park roads or do residents pay for all of it?

A.    Road maintenance is divided between all users and this breakdown is available on the MB Conservation website mentioned above. (Linda Horner)

 Q.    Is there a chance to get proper street names?

A.    No. Properties in provincial parks have always been designated by block and lot number. (Linda Horner)

 Comment: Linda Horner only has access to the same information from the website that residents do. There is an address on the website to direct questions regarding the fees.      


Q.    Is any information available about the spruce budworm infestation at Paint Lake?

A.    Not on the MB Conservation website; will look into it. (Linda Horner). Follow-up. Download brochure on Spruce bud worm.

 Q.    How can you tell if a tree has been damaged beyond recovery; when should it be cut down, and is there anyone qualified to do it?

A.    Most young, healthy trees can withstand a spruce budworm infestation; it is the old trees that seem to suffer the most.  If woodpeckers are at the tree, it is a good sign that it should be cut. Bernard Jonasson in Waboden will cut trees. (Lyle Saskowski)

Q.    Who is responsible for hazard trees, for example, if they are leaning over roads or hydro lines?

A.    If leaning trees pose a hazard to hydro lines, Manitoba Hydro should be informed. They will cut the hazardous trees. (Linda Horner).

If the tree is not in the immediate vicinity of the hydro line, MB Conservation will look into it. (Lyle Saskowski)

  Comment:  There will be a timber sale/harvest behind the transfer station and Highway 6 starting in October. Access roads will be limited. Though the timber sale/harvest is not in the park, it will provide an excellent firebreak. (Linda Horner)

 ATV Use

Q.    Why, now, are residents being ticketed for driving their ATV on the road and why is a helmet required?

A.    ATV’s were never allowed to be driven on the road, nor without a helmet. They are governed by the Off-road Vehicle Act. Residents are not permitted to break this law because they are in a provincial park. (Lyle Saskowski)

 Q.    Are golf carts permitted?

A.    Golf carts may be exempt from the Off-road Vehicle Act. (Lyle Saskowski)


The Off-road Vehicle Act should be placed on the website.

An adult must accompany children on an ATV or snow-machine.


Q.    Can a group of volunteers make repairs to trails damaged by ATVs? As many of the side of the roads are ditches and are not accessible for ATVs, can the park have designated ATV or snow-machine routes?

A.    MB Conservation would be open to these discussions. (Lyle Saskowski)

 Fire Safety Property Assessment

Q.    Can members of the PLVFD accompany MB Conservation staff when they do the fire-safety property assessments this summer?

A.    Yes. That is a good idea. (Linda Horner)

Q.    Will residents be given any warning when their properties will be assessed for fire safety?

A.    MB Conservation staff will identify themselves to the cottage owner; it is preferred, though not always possible, that the cottage owner be present during the assessment so they can be made aware of potential dangers. (Linda Horner)


Q.    Could the PLVFD practice fire suppression when MB Conservation is burning at the burn cells?

A.    Great idea. (Linda Horner)

 Q.    What is the variance between cottage lots and can a cottage owner clear-cut the variance?

A.    The variance buffer is 15’. It can be clear-cut; however, it was designed to allow for privacy between cottages. To build into the buffer requires a variance; see the cottage owner’s guide. (Linda Horner)

 Q.    It difficult to find the original lot lines, or survey points. Whose responsibility is this?

A.    It is the responsibility of cottage owner to get the lot re-surveyed if the points are missing. (Linda Horner)


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